Topics & Election Program

As mayor, I will work to ensure that our city remains livable and fit for the future.

Urban development with care!

I am committed to careful and ecological urban development: Living, housing, and working close to the capital and yet amid greenery – that makes our city unique!

I see the future in qualitatively upgrading existing buildings and open spaces rather than in large-scale new construction. The area around the „Pagode“ will be developed into a social and communicative center with residential, commercial, cultural, and gastronomic offerings. Social housing construction is also a matter close to my heart.

I will prevent the further sealing of our city. New construction projects will only happen if concrete surfaces are unsealed accordingly to create inner-city green spaces and communal forest areas. In addition, the following must be clear: Ecological building standards and measures for climatic protection are central guidelines for our future and my acting as your mayor.

Stadtentwicklung für Hohen Neuendorf

Meet in Hohen Neuendorf!

I will promote social get-togethers and create space for encounters for all of us. To this end, I will strengthen the many non-profit organizations that bring our town to life every day and shape our sense of belonging through the commitment and dedication of the many volunteers. I will make the existing places for casual meetups in the city districts better known and more accessible. My goal is also to expand the available offerings. In addition, I will organize markets, street festivals, and neighborhood meetings.

As a mother of three, the well-being of our youngest children is particularly close to my heart. I can assure you of the preservation and expansion of our playgrounds, a diverse range of sports and games, and green spaces close to nature with recreational value for all!

Energiewende meistern!

Mastering the energy transition!

We need a secure, affordable, and independent energy supply in all parts of the city. As your mayor, I will make this my priority. The two milestones are the implementation of the municipal heat planning and the establishment of a public utility company within the „Nordbahngemeinden.“

With renewable energy, we can look forward to a secure and independent future: Photovoltaic and solar thermal systems belong on the roofs of all public buildings. Together with the people, I will push ahead quickly with the implementation of the integrated neighborhood concept for Borgsdorf.

Many of you also want to switch to sustainable and long-term low-cost energy supply. The city administration must provide the best possible support in this regard, for example, by offering free energy and subsidy consulting, supporting the founding of citizen energy cooperatives and citizen solar plants, or providing advice on balcony power plants.


Our children, our future!

Good education, childcare, and youth work are incredibly close to my heart. The essential prerequisites for this are fair wages, good working conditions, and social security for the childcare staff. The same applies to their equipment, sufficient space, and energy-efficient buildings. That’s why I will continue to invest in daycare centers and schools!

And because a balanced, healthy diet is so vital for the development of our children, I will work hard to ensure high-quality daycare and school meals.

More and more children have problems with reading – Corona has exacerbated this development. Libraries are indispensable for the development of our children because they promote their independence and reading skills. Therefore, the locations at the elementary schools must be urgently maintained!

For years, the administrative leadership has delayed the expansion of the Kulturbahnhof with the central library and the social meeting places. Actions were taken only recently. I will exert pressure for rapid implementation to power through the project.

Kurze und sichere Wege

Short and safe routes

I will improve the traffic situation in our city. Safe pedestrian and bicycle paths – especially the routes to school – are my top priority. Children must be able to get to school on their own without parents worrying about traffic safety. By implementing the inter-municipal traffic concept, traffic noise should be reduced, and there will be improved access to public transport. An example would be a bicycle and pedestrian bridge from the new urban district to the Hohen Neuendorf S-Bahn station. Furthermore, I will establish bicycle lanes and traffic-calmed zones in our center.

A dial-a-bus with pick-up at the front door should help senior citizens to remain independent and mobile.

Verwaltung – Nah bei den Menschen!

Administration – Close to the people!

My goal is a sustainable administration that makes quick and transparent decisions in a solution-oriented manner. No matter your concerns, I am there for you and keep all the balls in the air. What is also important to me is to involve the local people in the participation processes better and provide more information about decisions being made.

I will continue to advance the digitalization of the administration and make as many services as possible available online. In addition, I declare sustainable procurement to be the standard in the administration: from printer paper to school lunches to our town festivals – aspects of environmental compatibility and resource conservation will always play a role.


A great place to live – secure and safe!

Security and safety are basic human needs. As a chief detective, I know what I’m talking about!

Even though the police can be relied on to be on the spot in an emergency, the local precinct police are available only once a week during office hours as a point of contact for matters relating to public order and criminal law. I will supplement this service with a citizens‘ hotline that can be reached daily for security and law and order matters. My other goal as mayor is to significantly reduce bicycle theft through secure parking facilities at train stations.

A modern and well-equipped local volunteer fire department, which also attaches great importance to its occupational safety, is crucial in times of increasing extreme weather events and large fires.